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Food Security & Agriculture

AIMPO’s agriculture and food security programs aim to improve community livelihoods through sustainably increasing agricultural production and sales and enhancing food security for target groups. Our programs target former hunter-gatherers, allowing them to better use the minor pieces of land they own to make them productive. In this program often we buy land for the beneficiaries and immerge them into agricultural cooperatives, thus enabling them to effectively work together to escape the cycle of poverty.

Food Security and Nutrition

In order to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and nutrition we use a number of approaches to disseminate nutrition knowledge and empower community households to cultivate and consume locally grown nutritious foods. With a particular focus on vulnerable women and children, our “kitchen garden” model promotes dietary diversification using improved agricultural techniques that conserve limited resources. Nutrition trainings include topics such as exclusive breastfeeding, supplemental feeding over the “first 1000 days”, peer nutrition counselling, and protein production and consumption. We often employ a locally-owned and driven cascade training strategy which drives sustainability. Our methods take into account cultural and societal norms, particularly as they impact women. In this program rabbit farms have also been established to face the challenge of malnutrition among community members.

AIMPO has recently implemented integrated food and nutrition community outreach programs for HMP in the Gicumbi and Musanze Districts.