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Working with Women, Children & Youth

AIMPO works to provide women and young people with access to resources, employment, and education to reduce inequalities and to promote their full participation in their respective communities. Research has shown that countries with greater gender equality experience more rapid economic growth, greater agricultural productivity, and improved food security. Increasing girls’ and women’s education and access to resources improves the education and health of their families. Women and youth can also play critical roles as advocates for peace and as community leaders and champions of human rights.

AIMPO involve youth and women in all projects that include employment, health, education, conflict and leadership aspects. We employ inclusive and participatory methods to reach youth and women, including those that are most vulnerable and susceptible to poverty, disease and violence from the HMP community.

In the field of economic development, historically marginalised women from the Nyagatare District have been provided support and trained in Tie-Dye. Youth have also been supported to join vocational trainings.

Through community-based activities AIMPO works to reduce gender-based violence at community level to raise awareness among women and men about the long-term negative effects of such violence. In addition to this program, we help children to access education by providing them support in acquiring school equipment such as uniforms and books.